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Violinist Leia Zhu Performs in Berlin Philharmonie Lunch Concert

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Young violinist Leia Zhu, has been invited to perform in the famous Berlin Philharmonie Lunch Concert. The free lunch concerts in the Berlin Philharmonie have become a tradition. As a rule, chamber music of the highest quality is offered in the foyer of the Philharmonie between September and June at 1 pm every Tuesday.

The Berliner Philharmoniker's lunch concerts is played not only by memebers of the Berlin Philharmonic and scholarship holders from the Karajan Academy, but also by instrumentalists from the German Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Staatskapelle as well as students from Berlin's music academies.

Musicians for this lunch time concert:

Matthew Hunter (viola)

Kristina Georgieva (violin)

Leia Zhu (violin)

Sebastian Tievenow (piano)

Dongkyu Kim (piano)


Dvorak Terzetto 1st mvt - Krisi, Lea and Matthew

Hubay Carmen Fantasy – Leia+piano

Paganini Cantabile - Krisi+piano

Beethoven Romance No. 2 in F Major (Op. 50) – Lea+piano

Sarasate - Gipsy airs - Krisi+piano

Sarasate Navarra - Krisi, Leia+piano

Watch her experience in Berlin

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